Generosity from the Poor

I think we all do it.

We have good intentions, but we fall short.

We see someone doing good in the world and we think, yeah I would do the same thing in that situation, I would help; except we don’t.

Instead, those of us from the middle-class, developed world get caught up in our routines. We make ourselves busy both at work and in our personal lives and for what? What do we have to show for it? What good or real impact are we making in the world?  Continue reading

Is Fear Stopping You?

We like our comfort zone. Why? Because we are comfortable there. We like the feeling of routine and certainty. We want to be in control, but do we really have control over anything?

It is uncertainty, it is that fear that grips us and we become its prisoner, its slave.


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Confronting America’s False Images of Islam

September 11, 2001, is a date I will never forget. Seeing the airplane fly into the second World Trade Tower and then waiting, confused and bewildered until they came crashing down; only an adolescent in middle school, this was my introduction to terrorism. Simultaneously, it was also the first time I heard mention of Islam. Growing up in Small Town, USA, I had never met a Muslim to my knowledge and in my mind, the three words Islam, Terrorist, and Muslim were basically synonyms.  Continue reading

Idolatry Understood

Growing up in the Midwest I remember hearing the Ten Commandments from the Bible and that God said it was wrong to create idols for worship. This commandment, unlike most of the other more straightforward commands, was not very clear to me. I grew up seeing painted depictions and statues of religiously significant people in the church, but were the people “worshiping idols?” I didn’t think so. Continue reading

Are Christians being ‘Ravaged by Muslims in the Middle East’?

Listening to a US-based radio program, I heard the host say, as he was talking about a list of difficult situations people face:

“Let’s think about Christians in the Middle East, who are being ravaged by radical Muslims.”

The topic of the program had nothing to do with Islam nor the Middle East; this was just a passing comment made in a matter-of-fact way. Although the host did not say it as such, I took exception to the underpinned assumptions and the broad swath that: (any and all) Christians in (all of) the Middle East are being ravaged by radical Muslims (who are not attacking other Muslims).


Hmmm… yes, let us think about this statement.  Continue reading

Life as a Refugee

distraught refugeeRefugees are people who for fear of death or persecution flee their homes. Many end up in other countries living in refugee camps. These camps may be better than the homes they have left behind, but still, have miserable conditions in which to live and where hope is fragile. Continue reading